Initially went to see Peter after being forced to stop playing football due to chronic knee pain. After 2 cruciate ligament repairs and both patella tendons used in the operations I presumed that I had to accept pain and give up playing.

However after treatments over a period of 2 months, I am now virtually pain free and playing competitive football again with ease of movement that I've not had for years. Peter has been brilliant in finding, treating and curing my problem and explaining everything along the way, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.


Did the Windermere Marathon without barely a whimper from joints and muscles, even today. The time was better than I expected too! A very big thank you for all the help which enabled me to do this.


We are indebted to Peter for the work done with our 16 year old son. After constant back pain due to scoliosis and a looming operation to insert metal rods in his spine, in desperation and on recommendation, we went to Peter.

After regular treatments, amazingly not only is our son free of back pain, his legs are the same length, his spine is straight and his body is in alignment, and he was discharged from hopital, although some of the doctors could not understand how! Thank you Peter for the wonderful work - you are so much more than a physio!

Jane and Steve

Four years after an accident, and still in quite a lot of pain I went to see Peter after a recommendation. I hoped to alleviate my quite severe leg and hip pain, cure my back discomfort, rectify a slight limp I had developed, and regain my flexibility. ( I am a Yoga and Aerobics instructor, so fully aware of my restrictions). He told me I had a prolapsed disc, psaos muslce injury and femoral/sciatic nerve pain, my thorasic spine was put of alignment and left leg shorter than the right.

Due to his treatments, and my home exercise programme he devised, my limp has now disappeared, and the pain in my hip and groin has gone. My leg only flares up if I overdo my aerobics! Flexibility has increased enormously, my back feels incredible and I no longer take pain medication. I cannot recommend Peter's expertise enough, I am so grateful and feel that I have got my life back.


During 2009, I suffered increasing pain in my left big toe. In January 2010 during a walk in the Lake District my toe became so painful that I struggled to complete the walk. On seeing Peter he diagnosed Sesamoiditis and Plantar Fasciitis and began ultrasound over several months. Although this eased the pain, it still restricted me from walking any distance.

At the beginning of 2012, Peter began treating me with Shockwave Therapy. I began to feel a great improvement after the first session and after three sessions I was pain free and able to resume fell walking


Just wanted to let you know that Rachel's consultant for her scoliosis has fully discharged her. He is delighted that her spine is fully balanced with good mobility and flexibility, despite the curves.

We are really grateful for your treatment and support over the last couple of years in helping get Rachel's spine aligned and in balance; this together with the correct posture all but hides the issue. Many thanks.


We brought our daughter Cara to see you complaining of her knee 'popping'. She had a regional basketball tournament in Sheffield playing for the North West. She was very concerned that she wouldn'd be able to play after putting so much time and effort into training.

Having lost their first game against London, the North West team grew in confidence game by game, which resulted in them gaining revenge by soundly beating London in the final and becoming champions. The tournament will live long in the memory of all the girls (and parents) and thanks to you Cara played a major role in it, for that we cannot thank you enough.

Dave, Ali and Cara

After being advised not toplay golf due to my back condition, I decided to enlist the services of Peter Bennett. Thanks to Peter's excellent advice and course of treatment, I have just finished three rounds of pain free golf


I was recommended to see Peter when I had lower back and groin pain which made it difficult to walk, sit and sleep. I felt generally ill. I'm usually active and enjoy yoga, somatics and walking, but could do none of these things without serious pain. When I went to the clinic I felt at ease straight away and have much appreciated his use of a combination of technical knowledge and experience as well as an intuitive approach.

After his treatments and suggested exercises on which I could build with yoga and somatics, I was soon sleeping well and the pain subsided. He was willing to take the time to explain what he was doing and answered my questions. So I see my recovery as educational as well as healing.

I'm now pain free and feel better than I did before I had the problem. I am very grateful.


After 2 years of serious knee problems that had left the NHS baffled, I met Jane Murray who recommended that I visit Peter and the rest of the team.

I had gone from being a fit and active person who enjoyed hill walking and playing squash to being unable to walk for a mile without losing function in both knees due to unexplained swelling and joint pain

Following some intensive physio and shockwave therapy from Peter and some personalised orthotics from Louise I am almost back to normal, I have recently been on holiday to California, the highlight of which was a 4 hour hike that finished with a walk over the Golden Gate bridge - something that would have been unthinkable just a few months ago.

I would highly recommend the whole team to anyone, for their ability to diagnose problems, their skill in finding the correct solution, as well as their support throughout the whole process.


After falling off a horse in 2011 and spending several years going backwards and forwards to my doctor, taking all sorts of medication including antidepressants, and facing the prospect of not riding again due to back, knee and hip pain, not considering I'm a horse riding instructor, I went to Peter as a last ditch attempt to find out what was wrong. I have never looked back!

Peter listened to me when I described the pain I was in, something I felt my doctor had stopped doing, and started my treatment. He gave me hope that there was a way to get rid of the pain that had taken over my life for so long. At first I went for treatment weekly and now I go every 6 weeks.

I am back riding on a regular basis and able to get back to being active and pain free again. I don't have to take medication any more and finally have my life back.

I am completely indebted to Peter and can't thank him enough for all his hard work in getting me to this stage.